qcollege Dieter Gerhard: Entrepreneur ~ Strategist ~ Educator ~ Advocate ~ Adviser
Dieter Gerhard

Entrepreneur ~ Strategist ~  Educator ~ Advocate ~ Adviser ~ Mentor

  • Co-founder / Co-owner (2005 - 2019)
    Q College (government accredited) Responsive Learning, Digital Creative & Advanced Technologies
  • Co-founder / Co-owner (2015 - 2019)
    Q Academy, Industry Driven Learning
  • Co-founder / Co-owner (1998-2019) North Studio web tech & apps & web development, SEO, web strategies, extranet, database 
  • Co-founder / Co-owner (2002-2017) Stikky Media, marketing, social media and brand reputation management
  • Co-founder / Co-owner (2012-2019) Digital Business Intelligence, business innovation
  • Founder / Co-Owner (1997-present) Birds of a Feather Victoria Ocean Lagoon B&B
  • Co-Owner (2014-present) Birds of a Feather Virunya Resort & Private Guided Tours Thailand
  • Captain (1997-present) Birds of a Feather Marine EcoTours Ltd.
  • Instructor (1998-present) Hospitality & Tourism, B&B start-up & operations, Innsitting, online marketing, social media for business, web strategies, tax planning, corporations
  • Mentor, small business start-up, incubation, operations and personal brand reputation management
  • Instructor (1985-2002) college law courses including paralegal
  • Founder (1985, retired) Hyatt Legal Services Canada



Diverse background in law, advocacy, education, business, web, and tax planning gives me a unique set of specialized skills to offer guidance solve problems.

I also sit on numerous corporate boards and committees affording me valuable sector specific insights, and excellent networking opportunities.